Sporting Dads, how to carry your baby while still woking out.

I get asked all the time whether it is possible to wear two babies at once. For parents of twins (or more), not only is it possible, but being able to wear your babies can be a real sanity saver.

Starting out, if you’re not comfortable slinging two babies at once, just being able to wear one baby while you hold the other can give your arms a much-needed break. A pouch is a great way to get started babywearing, since they’re quick and easy to learn and use. Having one pouch for each parent is ideal.

One carrier is an necessity, but two carriers are definitely nice to have. The biggest advantage of having multiple carriers is that you can also tie one of the babies onto someone else (Dad, Grandma, etc.). That’s a really great way to get a little break!

Once you’re ready to wear two at once, here are some tips for making it work:

Newborn twins (up to 3 months or so):

Wearing young twins in the same
Ellaroo wrap: For teeny babies, you can wear two babies together in a ring sling, pouch or wrap. Twins often like being squished together in the same sling when they are very young, just like in the womb.

Wearing Two in a Ring sling or pouch: The adjustability of ring slings makes it easy to fit two in at once. It is also possible to do this in a pouch sling, but look for an adjustable pouch (such as Mamma’s Milk), or go up one size in a non-adjustable pouch (such as Hotslings) so that there is room for the babies to grow. There are lots of great pictures of wearing two in pouches and ring slings on Karen Gromada’s website.

Wearing Two in a Wrap: A stretchy wrap (such as the Moby Wrap or the semi-stretchy Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch) works really well with newborn twins, but a woven wrap can be really great, too. (Ellaroo wrap shown in photo). In fact, a wrap such as the Gypsy Mama or the Ellaroo can be a great investment, because you will be able to use them through the twins’ toddlerhood as they get heavier.

Here are some useful instructions for wearing twins in a wrap:

Wearing twins together in a wrap (hug hold) – Note: the instructions shown use a Moby Wrap, but you could also use a Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch for this hold.

Wearing twins together in a wrap (cradle hold) – Note: the instructions shown use a Moby Wrap, but you could also use a Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch for this hold.

Wearing twins together in a wrap (cross carry): follow the instructions for the cross carry, and tuck a baby into the pocket at each hip

Older babies (3 months and on):
Once the babies are 10-12 pounds or so, most moms find that using two separate carriers to hold the babies is a better option. You can use two wraps, two pouches or ring slings, two mei tais, or a mix and match combo of any of these. Feel free to experiment with different carries and combinations – just be sure the babies are balanced on your body. For instance, you can do one baby on each hip in a ring sling or pouch (crossing the carriers over your body), or one on front/one on back in two mei tais or in a mei tai/wrap combination.

Two Pouches Two Wraps Mei Tai and Wrap

Even when out and about with your stroller, it is nice to keep one or two carriers tucked into the basket, in case on or both of the twins gets fussy.

Nursing in a baby carrier

Learning to nurse even one baby hands-free in a baby carrier can really be helpful. For two babies at once, your best bet is wearing a baby on each hip in two crossed ring slings. You can position a baby at each breast and nurse them in a double clutch hold. 

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