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Botox Injections have a large amount of possible uses. These vary from cosmetic use to medical ones. Botox Injections are very effective to reduce wrinkles, glabellar lines, crow feet and excessive sweating or drooling. They’re also used with very good results against strabismus, blepharospasm and cervical dystonia.

Following the large interest about it, in this article we will add more information on hyperidrosis and how Botox injections can be very helpful to eliminate its effects.

Mostly the people that need treatment for excessive sweating under the armpit or for sweaty palms are people that work in closed, hot environment and must be dressed in a certain way. We’re talking about executives, lawyers, anchor men and women, TV personalities, models and chefs. For these people excessive sweating is a problem and may lead to embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. Sweating through their clothes or sweating profusely in front of other people or cameras is something they want to avoid. Another effect of hyperidrosis is excessive sweating at night.

The effect of Botox injections for a two days treatment can be seen within one week. A reduction of 90% of underarm sweating is achieved with approximately 20 injections. After the injections normal life can be conducted but there are some activities that should be avoided such as heavy exercising or getting a massage. Actually the area must not be touched for 4 hours after the treatment for best results. Patients may experience bruising (as may occur for any kind of injections) but usually it is tolerable so that there’s no need to massage it. In few days the bruise will disappear. The effect of one treatment may vary from six to ten months, after that period hyperidrosis reappear so another treatment is needed. Body odor disappear in some cases but the effect does not lasts as long as for sweating.

In case you’re pregnant, breast feeding or allergic to botulinum or Botox you should not get Botox injections at all. This might lead to complications which is better to avoid.

In all other cases Botox injections are a completely safe treatment and can be repeated as many times as needed until perfect results are reached.

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