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AFL Grand Final 2010: Good for, bad for

Ashley Browne

Ashley Browne

Written on Saturday, 25 September 2010 19:57

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A drawn grand final.

As we collect our thoughts, let's look at who wins, and whose loses, as we go around again. Same time. Same place and presumably, same channel.

Good for: The AFL and the MCC. They'll make a killing as another 100,000 converge on the MCG to watch the Saints and the Pies do it all over again.

Bad for: The VRC, whose Spring carnival starts next Saturday at Flemington with the Turnbull Stakes. They racing types were annoyed at having to share a date with the grand final next season, now they get to see what it's like a year early.

Good for: Travis Cloke. 'One day his kicking will cost the Pies a flag" warned the naysayers. They may well be right, but at least he has a week to work on it.

Bad for: Cricket Victoria and Cricket Australia. The centre of the MCG was supposed to be ripped out on Monday and the drop-in turf wickets installed ahead of a massive summer of cricket that starts earlier than usual in Melbourne, some time during Melbourne Cup week. Bad luck, fellas.

Good for: Ben McEvoy: St KIlda's second ruckman was dropped to make way for Steven Baker. he might get his chance next week, after Michael Gardiner missed the second half due to an undisclosed injury.

Bad for: the Melbourne Heart and the Melbourne Victory. The first ever Melbourne A-League derby was delayed until the week after the grand final by the FFA so it wouldn't compete with the AFL. Once again, bad luck fellas.

Good for: The Bookies. Apparently the draw was a terrible result for some of them. Now they get a chance to make a killing all over again.

Bad for: Several members of the Australian sporting media, headlined by BPL's own Tim Lane, who depart this week for the Commonwealth Games. It's looking decidely shaky over there, now they'll be even more reluctant to depart.

Good for: Ross Lyon. He gets to play round 27.

Bad for: The AFL industry. The football calendar is so precise. Next week is draft camp and a raft of club best and fairest counts, the following week is trade week. We doubt the draft camp can be put back so that will take place in the shadow of the grand final replay, but what about trade week? 15 other clubs are anxious to get started for next season. And surely the Gary Ablett announcement can't wait for another week.

Good for: Club members. They get squeezed out of the grand final by the corporates, but the good news is that the AFL will make 16,000 more tickets available to Collingwood and St Kilda members next week. That means 40,000 club members altogether in the house next week. The atmosphere was fantastic today, but imagine next week. Think the preliminary final, or for an example outside the box, the Pat Rafter-Goran Ivanisevic Wimbledon final in 2001 that was played on a Monday in front of a first-in best-dressed crowd rather than disinterested corporate types. It will be brilliant.

Bad for: The NRL. Instead of a week in the national spotlight for its grand final, must now compete with column centimetres and airtime with the AFL. Again.

Good for: SEN. Another week of feral talkback callers. One less week of non-AFL programming.

Bad for: Park cricketers, lawn bowlers who start their season, and the real estate and wedding industries, for whom normal service resumes the week after the grand final.

Good for: Nick Dal Santo. Didn't do a heap out there for a senior player on the biggest occasion of all. Will get the chance to go better next week.

Bad for: The World Road Cycling championships, which also picked the week after the AFL Grand final in order to attract as many people and as much media interest as possible. Sorry, guys.

Good for: Channel Seven. Ratings, ratings, ratings.

Bad for: Simon Prestigiacomo: Nathan Brown and Ben Reid stood up well in the Magpie backline. Next week would mean seven weeks since 'Presti' played. He withdrew today because of groin soreness, but Mick Malthouse didn't sound all that optimistic he'd play next week.

Good for: Lenny Hayes. He could be the first player in AFL history to win two Norm Smith Medals in the one year.

Bad for: Leigh Brown. Can he play that well two weeks on the trot?

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